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January 18, 2010

FOREST FIRE are Mark Thresher, Nathan Delffs, Adam Splittler and Natalie Stormann.
‘SURVIVAL’ was recorded over an eight-month period in two locations – Brooklyn, New York and Portland, Oregon. “Not all the members of Forest Fire live on the same coastline,” Mark Thresher explains,

“So when certain friends roll through town, things happen pretty quickly.”
Survival houses a feeling of blatant disregard, one that unabashedly nods to the rich and historiclandscape of American punk rock.

The tracks are littered with out-of-tune horns, vibrant bursts of
guitar and layers of screeching electronics. Nathan Delffs’ frantic guitar work threads throughout dark and carefully executed harmonies by the likes of Sharon Van Etten, Myisha Battle and Nick Delffs (Shaky Hands). Ghostly synthesizers, arresting vocals and loose percussion are woven
together under the glimmering production values of Adam Spittler. Thresher’s lyrics also require a
close listen; while brief, they remain consistently purposeful and sincere.


1. I Make Windows
2. Fortune Teller
3. Sunshine City –
4. Through My Gloves
5. Promise
6. Echoes Coming
7. Steer Me
8. Survival
9. Slow Motion


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