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January 19, 2010

Label: KMD
Catno: KMD012
Barcode: 6009807230188
Release Date: 05 OCTOBER 2008

kidofdoom are the biggest South African, instrumental-rock band of the decade. They’re also the biggest name in Gauteng’s exploding disco-punk scene and as such their music usually finds itself somewhere in a completely unexplored wasteland between post-rock and indie-dance.

Using the typical rock set up of a drummer, a bass player and two guitarists to create music that is anything but typical rock, kidofdoom on the surface appear to be a text book example of a post-rock band. Adding synths and a Theremin to the mix and applying a completely different aesthetic to the usual post-rock one, sees them creating a sound strikingly unique.

While they do write instrumental, dramatic pieces with epic song structures (typical of post-rock bands) kidofdoom play with a completely different palette of sounds: dance-punk rhythms, new wave keyboards, synth-rock basslines and dream-pop guitars. Along the way an absurd variety of elements from other genre’s seem to pop up, with everything from metal, country, shoegaze, arena-rock, post-punk and techno influences worming their way in and out of songs. The result is a sound that’s as powerful on the dance floor as it is in your headphones – uplifting, celebratory party music that’s as intelligent and complex as it is fun, powerful and devastatingly original.

The band consists of Richard Brokensha on synthesizer and guitar, Ryk Benade on guitar, Barend Pieterse on Bass and Theremin and Johan Auriacombe on drums. Apart from their involvement in kidofdoom, the members spread their time and talents in numerous other projects that include finishing design, music and business degrees and playing in other bands including Shu and Isochronous. Their strong work ethic is visibly carried through their individual projects.

01. Doom Tumour
02. Forest Fire
03. Space Walk
04. Darkside Of Doom
05. Joe Start
06. Cadillac Of The Sky
07. Doves
09. Graceful Degradation
10. For Morgan Son
11. Minor Disagreements

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