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January 19, 2010

Catno: 6009807230249
Barcode: 6009807230249
Label: KMD
Format: CD
Release Date: 01 MAY 2008

What started off as a creative outlet with no initial intent or plan in place other than making music they love, Unit.r have since developed into one of the tightest and most loved acts in Cape Town. With a real passion for music, fun and the dancefloor, Unit.r’s sound has grown into a kaleidoscope of sonic genres packed into a hugely dynamic 45 minute set.

UNIT.R is a 4 piece band who combine elements of electro, rock, punk and folk into a live set that goes beyond the traditional.
Synthesisers and sequencers combined with live bass guitar, acoustic guitar, drums and vocals to produce a fresh sound whilst aimed squarely at the dance floor.

Their sound is all about the synthesis of human and electronic, the marriage between the spontaneous soul of live performance and an intrinsic love of music production and song writing.

01. Daft
02. Barely
03. New Moon
04. Full Moon
05. Flick The Switch
06. it’s All About
07. Scared (Midnight Retake)
08. No Way (Live Version)
09. So Long
10. Clap
11. Undefeated


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