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February 27, 2010

BARCODE: 844216003024

1 The Inner Jukebox
2 Dis
3 Gorilla Hug
4 Bateria
5 Mr. Piano Hands
6 Lit from Within
7 Rituality
8 Switch
9 Shine On
10 Weirdo
11 To The Drum

Get Physical co-founder DJ T. returns with his second album, The Inner Jukebox,
a singular and accomplished set that reflects its maker’s ongoing interest in
rigorously re-inventing classic sounds for modern ears and dancefloors.

After four years of 12” releases and collaborative experiments, DJ T.’s full-length
follow-up to 2005‘s Boogie Playground is upon us. While Boogie Playground was
an exploration of T.’s 70s and 80s influences, a melting-pot of styles that
touched upon electro, disco, italo and funk, The Inner Jukebox draws inspiration
from the 90s and is a more focussed adventure – it’s T.’s vision of house music
as it should be. So much “house” around right now is really just glorified minimal
techno, vibe-killing in its meticulousness; by contrast, the tracks which
comprise The Inner Jukebox are bold, vivid, expressive. They’re cerebral
and carefully crafted, yes, but more importantly they have a bounce and a
sexiness to them. T. has always sought to make proper, no-nonsense dance
music with real groove at its heart – and The Inner Jukebox finds him fully
realizing that ambition.

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