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February 27, 2010

BARCODE: 370039870477

Though Emily Jane White’s newest album, “Victorian America”, was written
largely in San Francisco
and Oakland, the atmosphere of her
upbringing permeates her songs.
White has no patience with light fare.

This pensive feeling was established with
White’s first album, “ Dark Undercoat”,
which critics and fans alike called a masterpiece;
White herself is more inclined to call it a bare set of sketches.
Conversely, “Victorian America” fills in the blank lines
from “Dark Undercoat” with color, dynamics, orchestrations and a richer sense of
poetics, the product of the three years’ work.
Lyrically, White’s themes act like a devil on both shoulders who long ago killed off
the angel. “There’s a lot of references in the record to political issues, death and
dying”, she explains, “there’s not a lot of literal narrative. I strive to create scenes in
my writing that allow for abstract rather than literal interpretation”.
With positive coverage in Spin and Rolling Stone and with a large European fan
base – the reward of near-constant touring – Emily Jane White is the newcomer to
watch. “Victorian America”, like the country it is banned for, is not an
album that rests easy, nor does it exist for the sake of existing.
From beginning to end, this is new mystic American songwriting at it finest.

1. Never Dead
2. Stairs
3. Victorian America
4. The Baby
5. Frozen Heart
6. The Country Life
7. Liza
8. The Ravens
9. Red Serpent
10. Red Dress
11. A Shot Rang Out
12. Ghost Of Horse

Here is a song entiteld “Wild tigers i have known” from her previous album “Dark Undercoat”

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