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February 27, 2010

BARCODE : 370039870309
CODE: TAL703091

Attic Thieves was created by Oly Ralfe and his music brother Andrew Mitchell. Oly sings, plays upright piano, organ, accordion and Spanish guitar. From Mitchell emanate beatnik drums, scattershot percussion, electric guitar and arrangements borne from a love of great rhythm masters from Django Reinhardt to The Ramones. Other brigands contributing to the sound of Attic Thieves include Messrs Garo Nahoulakian on electric guitar, double bassist Ben Nicholls, Joe Bennett on violin and trumpet, and Rowland Prytherch, mandolin, bass and wayward trombone.
The eclectic Mr Ralfe doesn’t just content himself with the music; he is the artist
behind the band’s artworkand videos. Oly is also the director behind the
award-winning film The Ballad of AJ Weberman – the movie is a feature documentary
about the New York odd-ball and infamous stalker of the mighty Bob Dylan.
The film premiered at Slamdance Film Festival 2007 and won The Raindance Award
at the British Independent Film Awards.
In addition to all this Oly is an occasional contributor of songs and cameos to the Mighty Boosh radio and TV shows. Handwritten poems and drawings by Oly also features in the new Mighty Boosh book.

The Ralfe band also wrote the soundtrack for the movie
Bunny and the Bull

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