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March 15, 2010

BARCODE 884385877552
LABEL k7/RJ’s electrical connections

RJD2 returns with the highly anticipated 4th solo album “The
Colossus”. Making the 10th year of his career, the album showcases the
myriad of styles RJD2 has spanned as a maverick, respected producer for
himself, and others.
Collaborating with MC’s, vocalists, and various
instrumentalists, it displays an urgency and sophistication rarely seen.
Weaving together his trademark rock solid drums, soulful vibes and
horns,samples and anything else available, the album is a kaleidoscopic
look both forward and back.
Part Impressions, part Daft Punk, part Thin Lizzy. He is helped along by
vocalists Kenna (Star Trak), Phonte Coleman (Little brother), Aaron
Livingston (The Roots “ Guns Are Drawn”), as well as several underground
MC’s and horns, woodwinds, and strings.
A sound to behold.

1. Let There Be Horns
2. Games You Can Win
3. Giant Squid
4. Salud 2
5. The Glow
6. A Spaceship For Now
7. The Shining Path
8. Crumbs Off The Table
9. A Son’s Cycle
10. Tin Flower
11. Small Plans
12. Gypsy Caravan
13. The Stranger
14. Walk With me

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