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March 23, 2010

CAT NO: VCA800014

To call Fred Cole a “living legend” is like saying, “Yes, and water is wet.” A true frontiersman without peer, Fred has blazed his own sonic trail for over 45 years, resulting in leaving his own unique, indelible stamp on nearly every genre imaginable. And if he wasn’t directly part of a particular scene or musical aesthetic, you can be damn sure he was at least an influence on it. 

The Weeds —> The Lollipop Shoppe —> Zipper —> Kingbee —> The Rats —> Dead Moon

The new name seems to evoke the saying “If you cut me, I will bleed.”  Not that any of us want to see that literally happen, but Pierced Arrows, just like Fred’s previous bands, bleeds all over their performances and records with such wrought emotion it only took one 45 to prove that the band was the worthy successor to Dead Moon. Ma and Pa Cole’s General Store has reopened for business, producing “rock ’n’ roll that’s rough, ragged, and honest,” as Fred once described their predecessor’s collective output. It’s both a new sound and an inheritor of tradition.

 A Pierced Arrows performance is a form of communion. They are there to see you just as much as you are to see them. You are not likely to find them cowering in a backstage corner. Though they are there to work, and work hard, don’t be surprised to find them hanging with friends and fans, checking out the opening act. Fred and Toody have always done it their way. This is their life’s work, and life is just the beginning if you really believe.

1. This Is The Day
2. Buried Alive
3. On Our Way
4. Ain’t Life Strange
5. Paranoia
6. Tripped Out
7. On The Move
8. This Time Around
9. Let It Rain
10. Zip My Lip
11. Down To Earth

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