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March 28, 2010

BARCODE: 843190007226

Finnish composer Sasu Ripatti returns in late summer with Tummaa, his first album as Vladislav Delay since 2007’s Whistleblower. The new album marks a significant shift in emphasis in this acclaimed musician’s work, reflecting a renewed interest in jazz and acoustic performance: Tummaa is far more organic and live-sounding than anything he’s done before.

Ripatti is considered a genuine musical maverick; the devotion inspired by the depth, innovation and emotional volume of his music is passionate in the extreme. While he has largely shunned the limelight since emerging as a producer in Helsinki in the late 90s, his prolific output (as Delay, Luomo and Uusitalo, as well as collaborations with partner Antye Greie (AGF)) speaks for itself.

His accomplishments include collaborations with a vast array of musicians and singers such as Craig Armstrong, Black Dice, Massive Attack, Towa Tei, Jake Shears, Robert Owens and Ryuichi Sakamoto. Since returning to live in Finland in 2008 after seven years in Berlin, Sasu Ripatti has begun to emerge more fully as the identity behind this decade of fascinating, although somewhat clandestine endeavours, coinciding with a return to Ripatti’s first love of performing as a percussionist.

Created during the winter while Ripatti and his family were living on a remote island in the Baltic Sea within the Arctic Circle, he explains that “Tummaa means dark or darkness, which reflects the music on the album somehow but also the fact that I worked on the album during ‘kaamos’ time of the year in Finland. Kaamos time really gets dark from December to February where you only have few hours of light per day. I really liked that and the whole winter enormously.”

It’s not often you find yourself both dumbfounded and emotionally spent by listening to an album, but Tummaa is a feat of uncommon musical power and magnetic force. Once introduced to Sasu Ripatti’s hypnotic world, you won’t ever want to leave.

1. Melankolia
2. Kuula (Kiitos)
3. Mustelmia
4. Musta Planeetta
5. Toive
6. Tummaa
7. TunnelivisioN

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