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April 20, 2010

Cat No: cls0002052
Bar Code: 4260036283051

There are few musical styles that have such an extremely conservative image as blues. Blues is supposed only for old men with long beards, who always repeat the same twelve bars while smoking and drinking. Besides guitar, piano and blues harp all other instruments seem to be “prohibited”. Musically, it always revolves around itself for generations, like a hamster wheel.
Of course, there were and there are blues artists who try something new, but outside of the blues scene no one cares. Until 1995, the French House producer St. Germain is the first, who ventures to merge Blues with House with the title “Thank you Mum”. From then on the world knows, that it is possible to combine blues with electronic music.
Meanwhile much has happened: Skip McDonald has done it with his band Little Axe in England, merging blues with Dub. A similar attempt comes from the Danish team Banzai Republik and the British duo Up, Bustle & Out. The Canadian one-man-band Son Of Dave combines blues with folk-punk, the Vienna band Mummer presents blues in a downbeat context like it comes from Germany by Boozoo Bajou, Darjee, K_Chico and Amir Arab. Gabin come from Italy, from the Netherlands Gare Du Nord, but in the U.S. there are relatively few productions combining blues with trip-hop elements.

It would be foolhardy to say, that Blues-House and Blues-Downbeat are the the new, upcoming trend, because both styles are too specific. But in the clubs they are celebrated enthusiastically. The audience in metropolitan areas is happy, that it finally gets to hear something new, for hitherto blues voices and blues guitars had never been heard in house clubs. The conservative blues audience goes completely crazy, but the club scene is celebrating its new insider style.
This excellent double sampler “Future Blues Club Night” is compiled by DJ ralph “von” richthoven, the Global-Electronica specialist from Bremen, Germany. For years he composes with high competence the popular “Club Night” series for the Global Beat label LOLA’S WORLD RECORDS.


1. Jon Flores – Feel My Blues (Original Mix)
2. Joe Lewis Walker – Blues of the Month (Busy Remix)
3. Harold Heath – Mercury Blues (Kirby Remix)
4. Dirty Harry – Big City Blues
5. Big Mojo – Deep Passion
6. Franck Adam – Mombassa Blues (Main Mix)
7. Jon Flores – Feel My Blues (Mr Danny Remix 08)
8. Big Mojo – Downside Away Blues
9. Submantra feat. Francesca – Get Down (Big Mojo Juke Joint Remix)
10. Miguel Migs & Jay-J feat. Jo Jo Hailey – Friend Of The Blues (Dub Mix)
11. Dark Comedy aka Kenny Larkin – Chicken Blues (Part 2)
12. St. Germain – Walk So Lonely
13. Glenn Underground – The Blues (aka Tribute to GSH)
14. Motorcitysoul – (You Don’t Know) The Blues

1. Little Axe – Midnight Dream
2. Boozoo Bajou – YMA
3. Gare Du Nord – Pablo’s Blues
4. Johnny Farmer – Death Letter (Organized Noize Remix)
5. Banzai Republic – Gamblin’ Man
6. King Britt pres. Sister Gertrude Morgan – Take The Lord Along With U
7. Up, Bustle & Out – Rebel Satellite
8. Son Of Dave – Old Times Were Good Times
9. St. Germain – Thank U Mum 4 Everything You Did
10. Amir Arab feat. Artus Unival – Berlin Sunrise (Blues Mix)
11. Darjee – Nobody Knows
12. Baqua – Terrapin Blues
13. Gabin feat. Jho Jenkins – It’s Gonna Be
14. Son Of Dave – Nike Town
15. Dark Comedy aka Kenny Larkin – Chicken Blues
16. Big Mojo – Please Have Mercy On Me
17. MUM – Boychild
18. K Chico – Hey Hey

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