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April 11, 2010

BARCODE: 843190007523

“Imagine if the strangest folks behind the sunshine pop records of the ‘60s swallowed Syd Barrett’s LSD stash and rocked out underwater with the Electric Light Orchestra while breathing helium. Then envision something even more fantastical” Spin

The Danish quintet – Aske Zidore (guitar, vocals), Malthe Fischer (vocals, guitar), Nis Svoldgaard (bass, vocals), Nicolai Koch (keyboards) and Kristoffer Rom (drums) – harness an epic, chiaroscuro psychedelia, forging it into dazzling gems of otherworldly pop brilliance. The burnished tunes belie an apocalyptic lyrical bent, the combination recalling an even more tripped-out MGMT, Flaming Lips or Caribou, liberally sprinkled with elements of George Harrison’s Beatles songs, Sparks and the lofty ambition of Kate Bush. With a formidable command of maximalist melodies that seemingly pulsate in 3D and cascade in waves of decadent pleasure, Oh No Ono are set to turn 2010 a baroque shade of day-glo.
Now with Eggs, their debut for The Leaf Label (on Brooklyn’s Friendly Fire in America, and Morningside and the mysterious 01-11700170 in Denmark), Oh No Ono have the rest of the world in their sights. In love with the power of pop, their subversive thrill in pushing new ideas under the radar is highly contagious.

With a terrific visual aesthetic directed by the band and artist Malene Mathiasson, featuring a series of darkly sexual paintings that would make Hieronymous Bosch and Francis Bacon blush, their multi-layered, minutely detailed artwork will doubtless prompt much analysis. Unsurprisingly, the Kubrick-esque video clip – think The Shining with a bevy of romantically adventurous nurses – for first single ‘Swim’ (directed by Adam Hashemi) hit number one on the Pitchfork video chart this last summer.

1. Eleanor Speaks
2. Swim
3. Internet Warrior
4. Icicles
5. Helplessly Young
6. The Wave Ballet
7. The Tea Party
8. Miss Miss Moss
9. Eve
10. Beelitz


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